Ash Frame

A coworker wanted to buy one of my wife’s paintings and knew that I did a little bit of woodwork so he asked me to build a frame for it as well.  Below are pictures from the build

This is the board I started with. It’s ash wood about 6 ft in length


Here are the boards cut to size. The painting is 24×36. The boards were cut about 2″ wide, and 3.5″ longer than the painting


Some of the boards got a bit of blade burn when running them through the table saw.  My blade needs cleaning


A little bit of time with a sander and all better


The short boards received mitered edges


I didn’t get a photo showing how the pieces were attached.  I used mitered half laps cut with a dado blade to join the sections together.  Here’s a picture from a previous frame showing how it looked


Here’s a test fit of the half-laps prior to gluing. I also went through and cut a 1/2″ deep, 1/4″ wide rabbet on the back of the frame where the painting will be seated


Gluing everything together. The mitered half-laps did a good job of keeping everything square


Test fit with the frame. Everything fit perfectly


My coworker wanted a white frame to match the decor in his house, but he wanted to be able to see the grain as well. I ended up using 2 coats of a white stain dye base to get the color but still show the grain. Finished it with 3 coats of polyurethane